My name is Jordan Cooper. I live in Rego Park, Queens and I have been writing songs and making music for over 15 years. The first songs I ever wrote were specifically about friends of mine, a trend which continues to this day.

I work as a freelance composer/songwriter. My official website for these services is jordancoopermusic.com.

In June 2011 I won the award for Best Musical Score in the NY 48 Hour Film Festival, for my group's film "Trixaxis and Allies," chosen out of over 60 films!

In June 2014 I won the award for "Best Original Song" in the NY 48 Hour Film Festival, for my group's film "Ham For The Holidays." You can hear the song, "That's OK, It's Christmas" here.

I have numerous other musical projects, including my female fronted band Sally (our debut EP "We Are In A Car" is available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc!), as well as freelance work for Kevin Allison's RISK podcast . I also do a music blog called MP3 OF THE WEEK, where I put up a new (or old) MP3 of my music, (not exactly) every single week. Your song may very likely be included on this blog!

I play guitar, keyboards, and can make my way around the accordion, ukulele, autoharp, and other random percussive instruments. I have written over 200 songs and performed at such venues as CB's Gallery, Sidewalk Cafe, The Knitting Factory, Pete's Candy Store, Niagara Bar, Bar Matchless, Sine, Goodbye Blue Monday, Gizzi's Cafe, Trash Bar, Cakeshop, and many, many, many others. I record and mix all my music using Logic, Protools, East/West, Spectrasonics, and Native Instruments.