Mini Zebus

"I don’t like it, I LOVE IT. Thank you very much"


"Thanks the song sounds great! Perfect! I can't wait to play this on her birthday... She'll get a kick out of this."

"The song was a hit! She absolutely loved it...There were some tears, some shock, and some laughter."

Sole Archer

"Jordan, what can I say - it's awesome. You guys should charge more :)"

Happy Birthday Signe

"Thank you very much for the song. I think it's great and I am sure she will be happy when she hears it. "

Merry Christmas, James

"This is awesome, thank you! She loved it. Great job"



This is perfect. This is awesome! Hats off to you Jordan. Please continue to make smiles as big as mine!

Tom loved his song. He has been bragging about it all day to anyone that will listen!

Chicken Feet and Diamonds

"This is great!! Everyone loves it!

Ava's Fathers Day Song

"We LOVE it!!! You are awesome!!! Thank you, look forward to working with you again! Thank you a million times"


"OH MY GOD I LOVE ITTTTTTT!!! Thank you so much Jordan."

"MY FRIEND JEN GOT A DUDE TO WRITE A SONG ABOUT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY. It has all my favorite things in it and it rules and I'm so happy!"

Sharon Augustin

"WOW, beyond expectations. Outstanding."

Nathan Dehoff

"Oh man, that is seriously so great. I love it! Nathan is really impressed, too.
SO PLEASED! Thank you! I am so happy with it. :)"

Tavie Phillips

"You are a GENIUS. I could not love this more!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing - that accent is the icing on the cake, I don't know how on EARTH you came up with that but it's all-around perfection!!!!"

Bobi Slavin

"Oh wow! That is so perfect! I am really REALLY happy with your song and I know she is gonna LOVE it. Thanks so so much"

Madeline's Cookie and Ice Cream Dance Party

"Oh, my god. She is going to LOVE THIS. This is seriously so great. I love everything about it. Thank you so, so much. Well on my way to Godmother of the Year for this one."

Carlo Liburdi

"This is amazing! Thank you so much."

Sam Bradford

"Jordan's song made my fiance so happy! He loved it. Getting a song written about someone you love by Jordan is probably the coolest and most extraordinary gift you could ever give a person! My fiance and I listen to the song all the time because it makes us laugh and smile!"

Sarah Epler

"An incredibly catchy, creepily accurate, and awesomely perfect song that all of my friends have on their iPods. Thanks, Jordan, for helping me cross that off the old bucket list. If you're as narcissistic as I am, pay this man to write you a ditty."

Beth Ellis

"I love it! It's so catchy and fun, and most importantly, it's ABOUT
ME. I feel like I have my own personal theme song. Who wouldn't want a
personalized song? Or how about having a song written as a gift for
someone else? It's really novel and completely worth it."